Woodwind, Brass & Violin Repairs


Ultra Sonic Cleaning
Instrument disassembled, remove accessible dents, ultra sonic clean body,
slides valves and mouthpiece. Plated instruments are buffed and polished.
Replace worn /damaged parts, reassemble, lubricate, play test.

ULTRA SONIC CLEANING For years the repair industry's standard for cleaning brass and metal parts has been the use of various acids: hydrochloric, mauriac, and even cyanide. There are multiple health risks to the workers, customers, and environment when using these chemicals. Yet they are one of the best and cheapest way to clean brass instruments and are widely used in the industry today, hence the term "Acid Bath”.

As an alternative to the "Acid Bath", we offer Ultra Sonic Cleaning. Instead of using harsh chemicals, this process is able to accoplish the same job using soap and water.

Magnetic Dent Removal
Strong magnets and stainless steel balls are used to remove dents that would otherwise require taking apart the instrument. This process delivers better results with less labor charges and instrument damage

Sonic Clean Labor Parts
Trumpet (lacquer) $85 $10
Trumpet (silver plated) $125 $10
Additional Services
Clean & align valves $45 + parts  
Lap valves (each) $45/up  
Solder broken brace or joint $35/up  
Remove dents $40/up  
Repair frozen slides $55/up  

All work is warrantied for 30 days. 
Note: this only covers work done, and not new issues that may arise from normal play